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About the Company

Olympic Casino Slovakia operates the most modern casinos in Slovakia. The company operates 6 live games casinos in Bratislava, Košice, Žilina, Trnava and Trenčín. Each of our casino offers a complete range of table games, slot machines by the world's largest producers and comfortable sitting in the lounge bar.
The company started operating in 2008 and currently employs more than 300 people.
The mission of Olympic Casino is to provide high quality and entertaining casino experiences and contemporary gambling games to active clients appreciating high level services in a friendly and secure environment, we seek to dominate with our good public image and reputation in all the places where we operate now or in the future. Our vision is to be a global casino and resort operator, best known for our excellent service and creative design.
Our Core Values:
Being a socially responsible organisation Olympic Casino is preparing its own sponsorship programme through which several social, cultural, educational and sports projects will be supported.
As at 30 September 2016, the Group had a total of 123 casinos and 32 betting shops. The Group operates 24 casinos in Estonia, 57 in Latvia, 18 in Lithuania, 8 in Slovakia, 15 in Italy and 1 in Malta. The Group employed more than 3000 employees in 6 countries.