Olympic Casino Trnava


Operation Olympic Casino Trnava welcomed you in the shopping centre City Arena. The entrance to this new modern casino is situated from Kollárova street. In the new air-conditioned premises there are situated the poker part with five tables, two American roulettes, three card tables, five-seated electromechanical roulette with the connection to the live game, contemporary winning slot machines and bar zone. Casino is furnished in the spirit of sport bar, with the possibility of sport broadcasting on HD projector on more than ten TV sets. At all times you may find in this new casino the pleasant and lovely environment, compliance with rules and regulations and fair play game.

Casino details

Kollarova street 19 (City Arena)Trnavaslovakia@oc.eu+421 917 314 811Show working hours

Table games
9 tables
35 slots

Welcome in our Casino

Welcome to the adult club! After reaching the age of 18, you can finally immerse yourself in the mysterious world of gambling.

Charming Las Vegas will open its doors to you right here in Slovakia!

It is a privilege to be a first-time visitor because on your first four visits you will be greeted to Olympic Casino with a welcoming drink and free starting money.

Olympic Club Cards

The Olympic Casino club card is much more than just a regular loyalty card. As a holder of our club card, you can enjoy splendid benefits and special offers both at our bars and within various campaigns. In addition to this, you can earn MONEY with our card.
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